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Hi there! Welcome to DistinguishMe. Over the past 10 years, we have been working to develop interesting students – at all levels – by having them take action on their passions. That’s what keeps us up at night and makes us wake up in the morning.

Our work has led to thousands of students launching startups, nonprofits, community service projects, activism campaigns, websites, and more. Our approach to differentiating high school students for college admissions has been inspired by the classes and educational programs we taught at the University of Michigan, launching edtech products, and mentoring students one on one.

Our Approach


Authenticity is the key. If you’re passionate about something, you’ve probably been cultivating it for a while. Good colleges want students who have reflected on who they are and what they love to do. What do you love to do? What do you enjoy reading or talking about with others? What piques your interest every time it’s mentioned?


Here’s the reality: good colleges are looking for students who don’t just talk about their passions, but take the time to act on them in a meaningful way. If you say you love technology, don’t just wait for a class to be offered at your school. Do something about it. Go online and start learning how to code or build a hovercraft!


Finally, it’s important to show how you intend to impact other people, communities, and/or the environment with your passion. Good colleges are looking for students who want to use their talents to make a difference. How can you use your passions to make an impact?

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“I am inclined to believe that the person who gives every ounce to

do something superbly

has an advantage over the person whose capacities may be great but who seems to have no desire to stretch them to their limit.”

– President Brewster, Yale University

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