9 Month Passion Project Launch Program

In today’s college admission process it is important to understand what colleges are looking for in their applicants and what can make a difference between getting in and getting rejected. Most high school students believe they need to be involved in tons of activities to impress great colleges. But admissions offices are asking for quality over quantity. The truth in college admissions is that it is better to have deep engagement in one or two activities than shallow participation in many.

DistinguishMe partners with select middle school and high school students to help them distinguish themselves to get into great universities. In the DistinguishMe Passion Project Launch Program, our experienced coaches will lead students through one of the most effective approaches to getting into an elite university — an independent passion project. The passion project aligns with the student’s personal strengths and interests to open up amazing levels of personal growth and achievement. Students will also gain the skills and confidence needed to tell their story during the interview process.

With passion projects, students enjoy working on something they love to gain critical skills and accomplishments that set them apart from other applicants. They are also able to fill their admissions portfolio a recently announced new admissions process for many universities with their accomplishments along the way. The end result will be an understanding and direction on what is needed to set themselves apart from the crowd.

The Passion Project Launch Program includes guided learning modules with video, text and assignments, as well as an online community for continued accountability and support from DistinguishMe coaches.

Watch the video below to see the impact of the Passion Project Launch Program:


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