Editor’s Note: Over the past few months we’ve been corresponding with Steve Lively, an English teacher from Shakamak High School, who read one of our articles on passion projects and asked all his seniors to consider and start a passion project. We’ve been tracking several students on their progress and today we’re highlighting Clay Reynolds, Class of 2016. 

My name is Clay Reynolds and I’m a senior at Shakamak High School in Indiana.

I decided to launch an individual passion project mainly because I want to help others with something I have personally struggled with: depression. My passion project is an article I have been working on for the greater part of two months on the struggles of depression while competing in sports, specifically distance running.

My hope with launching this article is to help others. I don’t want recognition. And if it came down to it I would still write it even if my name wasn’t on it. If one person reads it, relates to it, and feels better – even for a moment – then I will consider the article a success.

Since starting this project I have talked to others who have struggled with depression, both in and out of the sports world. What I have learned is that so many more people struggle with the same issues I have struggled with for the past year.

For me, an added perk to writing this article will be the ability to apply this project to college and scholarship applications. So many people have next to perfect GPA’s and mass amounts of extracurricular activities, but very few high school students have acted on something they are truly passionate about.

Read Clay’s Article: “It’s Not Okay to Not Be Okay.”

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